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Keep the Vibes Alive & Support a Good Cause

by J D May 04, 2017

Keep the Vibes Alive & Support a Good Cause

In the wake of all the insanity going down around the world lately, it seems that there is a palpable amount of fear and despair in the air. So to combat that nervous energy and constant conflict, we’ve decided to Keep the Vibes Alive.

On 4/5 we are launching two tees that are literally aimed to bring some peace to the world both visually and through contributing to a just cause... Check out the tees here.

Keep The Vibes Alive People Tee

The tees were designed by local Tokyo artist JunkBrain, who used his very intricate style of fine point marker illustration to literally bring people together to create something bigger than them. 

To do our part, we will be giving 15% of every sale of our new Peace Tee and Keep the Vibes Alive Tee to the NYCLU, who fight to protects our basic civil liberties, freedom of speech, privacy, and equality. (These are the guys who brought an end to ‘Stop & Frisk’ on the streets of NY, as well as gave free legal aide to those discriminated against with the recent travel ban.)


Keep the Vibes Alive LMNY

 ' Alone we can't do much, but together we can change the world. '

The Peace Tee and Keep the Vibes Alive Tee will be available on Fri 4/5 through our webshop.


More about the NYCLU…
Founded in 1951 as the New York affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union, the NYCLU is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization. Their mission is to defend and promote the fundamental principles and values embodied in the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and the New York Constitution. They believe that all New Yorkers have inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by the government or by majority vote... 
 They are:
  • Freedom of speech, press, petition and assembly.
  • Freedom of religion. 
  • Privacy. 
  • Due process of law. 
  • Equality before the law.
"When the NYCLU was founded, civil liberties were under siege. Government censorship of books and magazines was common, and abortion was a crime. Blacks, Latinos and other people of color were subjected to discrimination in education, housing and employment. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender New Yorkers lived in fear of exposure. Students were virtually without rights. The NYCLU has led the way and helped to create a more open, just and equitable society. We represent ordinary people who have experienced injustice and have decided to fight back. Our clients are men and women, rich and poor, gay and straight, black, white and brown, young and old, religious and atheist, able-bodied and living with a disability, citizens and immigrants. When we vindicate their rights, all New Yorkers benefit."



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May 17, 2017

I love my new T ! And happy that 15% is going toward such a great positive cause! Keep the Vibes Alive! & Thanks!

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