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Like Minds : Bizzy Amor

by J D May 10, 2017

Like Minds : Bizzy Amor

When starting this Like Minds interview segment, I felt there was only one person to start it all off with, and that person is Bizzy Amor. A creative renaissance man, born hustler (in the best sense), and New York City native, Biz jumps back and forth from music to business to visuals, all while being able to excel and improve at each craft seemingly simultaneously. And although he makes it all look effortless at times, I promise you that while you are sleeping, chilling or watching TV, he is still working, and still learning.

I know Biz from a while back at our jobs in New York, but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that something clicked and we started creating together. Our freestyle photo projects and short films in Chinatown slowly evolved into something much bigger than us and then before you know it, Biz is on tour shooting concerts and on beaches shooting models and exotic cars. And while that appears great and all, I think we both know that this is still just the very beginning. 

Today I talk with Biz about his journey to where he is now, his personal approach to things, and of course some randomness mixed in...


Always a pleasure getting to catch up brother.

Likewise. (prayer hands)

Let's start at the top... Who are you?
My batman is Bizzy Amor.
Haha, your Batman, I like that.
And what do you do?
I've been contemplating this term a lot recently. It feels good to say that I'm a visualist. Though the dictionary may not entirely agree. I pay my rent as a filmmaker and photographer, but I like to think that what I am is more a device of my vision and less a label attached to me as per my execution. I am an idea. I don't believe that I'm anything specific. 

How and when did you start doing your own thing? 
I started doing "my own thing" in March of 2015. Prior to that I worked a lot of jobs across different industries. Most of the jobs were commission based, which I've always preferred because hourly wages are for suckers.

Definitely feel you on that, although most of us have to work those punch clock jobs to realize that. Was there a moment when you knew this was the direction to follow? Or that this passion was too big to ignore?
There was never "the moment". Honestly, that's a fantasy. There's never going to be a magic sign that points to your purpose, I believe. The best thing I could do and eventually did do was embrace what I felt to be true... regardless to what I saw. The future is over the hill. You can't see it, but the winners bet on it. 

First gig? 
First paying gig... I think it was a retirement/birthday party. (laughs)
Not glamorous in the slightest but it was amazing to feel the sense of making money while using a camera. Event photography gave me the initial confidence to really build a business on the strength of the camera.
But for the record, I hate event photography. 

[powr-image-slider id=9d5cc5f6_1494393699] 

"Just spread your wings and fly. You either soar or crash. Both are lessons that can prove really impactful to making actual progress. Stop trading time for money."

Ok, I have to throw in some freestyle questions now...


Fire or water? 
Water. Word to Bruce Lee.
Air or earth?
Earth. Mother Earth. Planting seeds and getting plants....that's the most enviable thing I've ever seen.
Favorite place in the world? Why?
Italy feels right. I want to retire there. Specifically in Florence. Lisbon feels like the place I want to be right now. New York City is the place that make the most sense to me though. 
What food or beverage best represents you as a person? 
Pizza. Always pizza. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Also wine. A lot of wine. Red, please.

Best and worst part of doing what you do?
Best part of what I do...the feeling of being natural. I don't clock in or out. I just live. When I quit, it'll be because I died.
In regards to the "worst part"... the feeling of not knowing where your next dime is going to come from. There are always things on the books but there are 0 guarantees. This isn't a game for the weak. Sometimes all you have to feed yourself is belief. It's a struggle but it makes sense to me because the work itself is rewarding.
Personal life hack?

(laughs)... I try to approach every interaction with the idea of me considering the past experiences of the person I'm conversing with. That way my reaction to their character is based on something they can interpret.

And finally, one piece of advice that you would give to anyone who has the itch to pursue their own creative endeavor....
Just spread your wings and fly. You either soar or crash. Both are lessons that can prove really impactful to making actual progress. Stop trading time for money.


Thank you so much for taking the time for this, I know the schedule is perpetually busy.

Blesssss. I'm grateful to be a part of the narrative bro.

Find more of Bizzy's photography along with his new album and short films on his site....

Also see his Instagram for updates, regular wisdom, and inspiration...

 IG - @bizzyamor


And feel free to leave any comments or questions for Bizzy in the section below ...

Bizzy Amor



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